The Star and His Firelfy ✨


You’re my constant
I see you through the smokey air
Can’t you feel the weight of my stare

I could get lost in your dreamy eyes
With your hair swaying along the wind
the flowers blooming ,
the leaves falling..
As i stood there for a while
admiring your gracious presence
my heart lost the count

When you walked across the corridor
With the angels dancing around
Your smile lit up my fire
And your stare, made me feel alive.

You’re my star
and I’m your firefly
staring at an empty sky
you’re the only one
That i see
in an ocean
of Galaxies

I am lost in time
You never leave my mind
Your eyes as pretty as the bright shining star

I don’t know if we’ll have a forever
But if we do, it’ll be as beautiful as your soul
I found a way to make it through by holding onto you
Making memories with you will be my favourite thing to do.

The Perfect Mate ♥️

A sight so blissful,

A night so special,

A smile so kind,

Eyes filled with love,

That makes me go blind,

In love , In love.

I know you’re great,

You’re the perfect mate,

Your hands are like the

flowers on a winter day.

All the time we’ve been together,

You take me as I am.

No matter what we’ve been through,

You’ve never left my side.

Your love for me is endless,

I love you,

More than I have ever found a way to say.

I know you’re great,

You’re the perfect mate,

Your hands are like the

flowers on a winter day.

I know we’re not lucky,

It’s foolish not to try,

We’ve got to make every second from now ,


I know you’re great,

You’re the perfect mate,

Your hands are like the

flowers on a winter day.

Worth It ✨

You could keep
waiting for hours,
waiting for a single text or one phone call, just cause you miss their voice,
you wait, for that person who you feel is “the one”,
you wait for days, for the person whom you’d like to call “the love of my life”
Waiting doesn’t tire you out cause you love him genuinely and you trust him with all your life.
You could go on waiting and it doesn’t tempt you to cheat on him just cause he’s unavailable to you at the moment.
You could wait for hours and no one else other than your man crosses your mind cause no one else feels like home.
If he doesn’t give you butterflies in the stomach, that’s okay cause he makes you feel calm and makes you feel like you’ve found your home in him.
He feels like the chai you wanna have every morning when you wake up.
He’s the sunshine in the rain which causes the rainbow and makes your life as colourful as it could ever be.
It’s always him, that you keep thinking about,
Whether he’s eaten anything, whether he’s doing well at work, whether he’s doing fine, and everything just seems to be about him
You’re always clinging on to the tinge of hope on getting to see your man after months of waiting.
Always clinging onto the idea of getting to feel his touch, to hold his hands, to look into his dreamy eyes and just to have him near you for a long long time.
And that makes all the waiting worth it.
That is the most incredible moment you’ll ever feel , seeing him right in front of you, looking into your eyes , holding you close to him.
That moment where you get to listen to his heartbeat when he holds you close to his chest.
These little moments makes all the waiting you did,
Worth it. The five, six hours after months of waiting for these little moments, makes it incredibly worth it. INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY WORTH IT.